AEMI Atomic Energy Engineering Company Ltd.

Technical Division


In the Technical Division of AEMI Ltd., we carry out engineering activities in many key areas using the most modern technologies and innovative solutions. Our experts are able to make detailed and accurate predictions about the behaviour and condition of various structures. Our analyses help to determine the condition of the structures and we propose the necessary maintenance and repair works, which are essential for the safe and efficient operation of the equipment and structures.

We use innovative methods and technologies that enable continuous and reliable monitoring of the condition of equipment and structures. In the development of digital and intelligent solutions, we use the latest technologies and methods, including the technologies of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Our highly qualified professionals and advanced technological background guarantee high-quality services.

Focus areas

  • Structural integrity analysis and operational safety assessment
  • Failure assessment, ageing management and degradation processes
  • Engineering numerical modelling
  • Life cycle and fracture mechanics calculations
  • Condition assessment, non-destructive test design
  • Development of online monitoring systems
  • Digital reality applications (AR/VR/web)
  • Engineering research – development


Structural integrity analysis and operational safety assessment

Comprehensive analysis of power, chemical, oil and gas systems/plants and pressure equipment, long-term reliability and safety analysis of structures.

Failure assessment and degradation process analysis

Advanced numerical modelling techniques are used to solve engineering problems accurately and efficiently. Our services include simulations and analyses to help our customers optimise their designs and processes.

Engineering numerical modelling

Application of advanced computer modelling techniques in product and technology development and optimisation, including plastic forming, welding and development of composite materials.

Life cycle and fracture mechanics calculations

Determination of life expectancy supported by computer modelling, determination of suitability for operation with real and assumed defects

Condition assessment, non-destructive test design

Definition of a review program suitable for deterioration processes. Design test setups that help minimize downtime and costs. Assessing and evaluating the condition of industrial systems using non-destructive testing methods, ensuring safe and efficient operation.

Development of online monitoring systems

Developing and implementing remote operational monitoring systems that allow real-time data collection and analysis to support fast and accurate decision-making.

Digital reality applications (AR/VR/web)

Development of training platforms and expert systems to support industrial training, learning and operational efficiency.

Engineering research - development

We are committed to developing new, innovative technologies and methods to provide our customers with the latest and most effective solutions. In our R&D activities, we work closely with our industrial partners and academic institutions.

Our commitment

Our goal is to provide our domestic and international customers with innovative and reliable services that enhance safety, increase efficiency and competitiveness, and support their industry development and R&D goals. We seek close relationships with industry players, including manufacturers, service providers, research institutes and universities. Through collaboration, we aim to create added value that provides significant benefits to our partners


For the moment there are no open positions in the company.


Adress: H-3525 Miskolc,
Kazinczy Ferenc str. 13. I/3.

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