Magyar Angol

Our competencies

The main activity of AEMI Kft.
according to its foundation is to
perform research, engineering and expert
tasks in the field of nuclear energy
that require high professional
qualifications and also to sell
intellectual works created in the
Centre for Energy Research
and its predecessors.

Our key partners

MVM Paksi Atomerőmű Zrt.
chief consulting activity,
Environmental and Emission Control
System renovation II. beat
Centre for Energy Research
research, engineering and
expert services

consulting services in relation to
Paks II. Nuclear Power Plant
unit 5. and 6.
National Research, Development
and Innovation Office

contributions in the National
Nuclear Research Program

Our intellectual

PCM 86 surface
contamnation monitor

PorTL Portable ThermoLuminescent
dosimetry system »

PTR-32 neutron coincidence
data collector system


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Miklós út 29. - 33.
Postal address: 1525 Budapest, Pf. 49
Phone: (1) 392 2296
Magyar Szabványügyi Hivatal
Registration Number:
ISO 9001: 503/0172(8)-628(7)